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Baby Heads in Outer Space  

Baby Heads©

Hand Made Glassware


Baby Head Cups are a daring and timeless piece of contemporary glassware. Designed by Oliver Doriss, these glasses are made by hand using traditional glassblowing techniques. They evoke not only the whimsy and innocence of a baby doll but also inspire a subtle sense of unease. Standing over four inches tall and featuring rich opal coloration, they never fail to make a statement. Baby Head Cups are utilitarian as well as sculptural. They are diswasher safe and destined to become a regular part of your daily experience. Whether filled with a frosty serving of milk or your favorite single-malt libation these glasses are a must for every contemporary glass collector.

"So endearingly bizarre, produces a lot of cognitive dissonance. I love it and plan to acquire some siblings for it in other colors." -Elizabeth Robichaud

The © Baby Head Cup has been featured in the Guggenheim Museum Store in New York, the Racine Art Museum in Wisconsin, Museum of Glass, Tacoma, WA, Vetri, Glasshouse Art Glass, Seattle Art Museum and design boutiques across the nation.

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*Not safe for hot beverages.

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